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We cannot get over this penthouse rooftop proposal in Dallas! Andre came to us wanting to create a romantic dinner proposal. It was a birthday celebration turned wedding proposal for the books! She is absolutely everything Andre could have ever wished for in a woman. When Andre explained this to us, we knew we had to set the ambiance for this proposal.

Desiree was already expecting the dinner, but when she walked into the space, she was shocked to see a unique heart installation decorated with balloons, florals, and a beautiful table set for two. Did we mention that this proposal took place on a penthouse rooftop with a stunning skyline view and beautiful artwork!

Are you looking to have a romantic private penthouse rooftop proposal in Dallas? We specialize in creating completely unique and personalized marriage proposals. Let’s bring your proposal dreams to life! If you are interested in getting started on this process, please reach out to us here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

More photos from this Penthouse Rooftop Proposal can be found here.

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