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Road Trip! (Yes! Even during a pandemic)!

This past weekend we were super excited to travel to Houston, Texas for an in-person visit with our December 2021 couple, Carlissa & AJ. We've been communicating for the past few months via GoogleMeet but when their venue posted that they were hosting an "Open House", we couldn't resist!

Prior to committing to the drive, we contacted the venue to learn more about their COVID-19 policies as well as how they would monitor incoming/outgoing guests while on site.

Here are the precautions that were taken during our trip to Houston and while visiting the venue.

  1. First things first... we got COVID-19 tested! I shared with the couple that I would be getting tested prior to my visit. To my surprise, they did the same. I'd scheduled to get tested at my local CVS Pharmacy where there was no line and the staff were super helpful during the process. My results were sent to me within 2 days of taking the test (which was NEGATIVE).

  2. Disinfecting wipes & Hand Sanitizer - we made sure we'd stocked up on our Clorox sanitizing wipes as well as our Purell hand sanitizer . The more the better. Wipes and sanitizers were placed in our small travel bag, SUV and waist pouch.

  3. Face Shield - I know, I know a bit much right? Trust me, I do not take my safety nor the safety of others lightly. So of COURSE I came equipped with my very own stylish face shield from Amazon. Since I'm a Prime Member, they arrived the very next day. The mask itself is super comfortable and fits well with my glasses. I thought it would have been a bit cumbersome, but I actually didn't notice that I was wearing a shield.

  4. 6ft and NO CONTACT - This by far has been the most difficult for me. I'm a hugger by nature!! I love embracing my clients, especially upon our first in-person meeting. No worries here, I kept my distance and hugs to myself as well as others.

After our tour and meeting at the venue, we met briefly to discuss a few "next steps" to ensure we were on the same page and that I'd answered all questions they may have had going forward. It felt great to actually meet in person and tour the space where they'll see their vision unfold.

Remember, safety first and please practice all social distancing guidelines:

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